Bam! Lamb.

Exploding lamb. Home-cooking.

Interesting intricacies of our beloved kitchen gadgets. Le microwave.

So I was microwaving a lamb shank because I was hungry. Being naturally distracted 134.5% of the time, I left the microwave running for about two minutes, while I tried to find something to do for the two minutes, to feel productive.

It was about 30 seconds in when I heard “BOOM!” I was somewhat startled, and quickly shuffled back to the microwave, where I found this.

Towel covering my lamb.

Caused by this.

Exploded lamb.

And the blowback on the microwave.


And naturally, I shuffled nonchalantly back into my room to get my camera, instead of cleaning up.

What happened?

Microwaves vibrate water molecules which increases kinetic energy. Explosions like this are caused by an aqueous medium in a closed environment (a water pocket in the lamb). The pocket was positioned correctly under the flesh so that during the vibration process, water (and eventually steam), would be trapped in a closed volume (the molecules therefore, frantically bounce around, trying to find a way out)…until the protein strands can’t hold it in any longer…and boom.

Simple explanation, simple clean-up, and a subtle reminder that there’s a bomb in every kitchen.