Edible Reflections of 2012.

Musings of 2012.

I haven’t written in a while, but that’s okay. I’m back.

As the new year approaches, I’ve been doing some thinking about 2012 in terms of my interest in food and the feat of setting up a public blog. The blog sort-of-kind-of started around early 2012, with the vision of doing restaurant reviews through the emphasis of the science behind cooking. These shenanigans could eventually lead to food tweakings, insights on molecular gastronomy, and interesting tidbits that would make an eating/cooking experience magical, rather than just culinary.

I’m not sure I reached that goal (I guess not, since it’s an on-going thing). But like writing, one usually stumbles upon what they’re actually talking about somewhere in the middle of the paragraph. Perhaps somewhere on my journey, I’ll really settle into it, whatever “it” may be, which makes planning a rather shitty, un-resourceful use of my time. Regardless, I understand blogging is not about 10,000 views in one day, nor is it about achieving quick fame or earning a quick buck. I’m not that stupid.

I had some things right; good content (or delicious pictures) always win, love what you write, write what you mean, don’t be afraid to put yourself out there, the Publish button does need to be used, and spellcheck can be your bff.

Some things I could probably do better in. Being consistent, not getting discouraged, producing well-hashed out and accurate content…and probably a myriad of other things that I missed along the way in the thinking process. Some might beg to differ and beg me to shut the whole goddamn operation down, and go farm coconuts.

Like any normal person, I was, and am still sometimes afraid of what kind of image I put out there. What would people think of me, of my tastes and preferences, of what I had to share? I learned it usually didn’t matter. The fact is, humans, like cooking, are part of an imprecise science. They both have their intricacies and flaws. To really share what one has to offer, they often, in the process, expose their flaws. This is what makes it personal. A lack of exposure of what makes us inherently human probably indicates a lack of connection. This in mind, sharing my findings, scientific or not, becomes much easier, and perhaps, more relatable. Is that the essence of blogging? Perhaps.

Truth be told, I’m not accustomed to being so open; most of my brain has been “under construction” for several years (hard at work, both in academia, and on my own character). For me, being able to share what I have to say on the blog has been the surprise of 2012.

I’m not going to create New Year’s resolutions. I don’t particularly like setting goals, as they can sometimes be mind-traps. Rather, I just know that I’m here, right now, and would like to be there(general applicability) and in order to do that, system design, behavior change, and a good meal is usually necessary. A bit of simplicity from the heart and food for the soul for me, is enough to start an exciting 2013.

For those who have inspired me, helped plan the menu, dissed the presentation of my hors d’oeuvres, burned the plat principal, and enabled me to finish the perfect butterscotch creme brulee, you know who you are, and what that means to me.