The Art of Food Combining. Party in your mouth?

Is there meaning behind the art of food combining? I never took much notice in the order of how I ate my foods; generally, I do like variety in what I eat- one wouldn’t go to a restaurant and eat each ingredient separately, would they? Most of culinary excitement takes place with contrast. A contrast of textures and flavors, masked by the fundamental interplay of salty, fatty, sweet, and bitter undertones. Nutritionally speaking though, does trophology (the technical word for food combining) have any sort of legitimate backing? Or does the saying, “well it all ends up as mush in your stomach anyway” do it justice?

Wikipedia has a short article on trophology here, and is presents us with meager evidence that neither proves or disproves such a notion. There are cultural underpinnings to food combining, or rather, food rituals. These rituals basically involve what the dietary habits of a particular culture, which usually states nothing about the strengths or weaknesses in human digestion.

What do I think about food combining?

Scientifically, I’m somewhat indifferent. I’m not going to say it’s outright bunk, but I would say that any reported effects are highly questionable. I may not believe in food combining, but I sure believe in food combinations, if that makes any sense.

Food combining, by definition is the order that we should consume protein, fat, and carbohydrate. Myths can range from fruit fermenting in the stomach to mechanisms explaining why protein and starch should not be mixed together or protein and fruit, or starch and fats…etc etc. Personally it’s fairly ridiculous. I spent a good portion of my time and brain agonizing these potential conclusions. With help from several responses off of Mark’s Daily Apple Forum, one individual from a thread made a valid point saying that many foods nowadays have all three macronutrients present (if not most foods, in some varying ratio.) If we ate a banana for example, how would we control the rate or specific macronutrient distribution and absorption of protein, fat, and carbohydrate? You can’t command your stomach to intake one nutrient before another. Before I step any further into the realm of ridiculousness, you can probably tell where my argument (or lack thereof) is leading. Food combining generally doesn’t seem like a sound concept. Your body is a versatile “organ” and can take quite a bit of punishment before succumbing to disease or hazard. You’re best off eating your bananas, steak, and bok-choy in whatever order you goddamn please. Just make em’ delicious and enjoy them.