Hamburger Shakedown

Feast. Double Hamburger.

Yes. Everyone wants to know. “How does the Shake Shack burger compare to In and Out? East versus West? Who’s the best?”

You've got my attention.

I’ll go into a definitive answer right now. We begin.

The bun:
In and out: Plump, soft, warm. Matte finish. If you’re lucky it’ll sometimes look like it’s been brushed with oil. Nice, yeasty finish (which most likely helped it rise?)
Shake shack: A bit deflated. Soft, not as warm. Matte finish. Not enough yeast?
Win: In and Out.
Science: Toasting it can prevent sogginess.

Win: If you mess this up…really? Pretty much the same. In and Out’s tomatoes are slightly thicker, more watery, and doesn’t taste very tomato-y.
Technical win: Shake Shack.
Science: Mealy tomatoes can be a result of not taking care of your tomato plant. Bad watering cycles and too much nitrogen in the soil can lead to mushy sadness.

In and Out: Flat, a bit textureless. A bit anemic looking. Dry.
Shake shack: A bit more plump, more textured. Slightly anemic looking. Not dry, nicely seasoned. Just a bitttt pink. Lovely.
Win: Shake Shack.
Tweak: Grind your own meat. It’ll be a steak in burger format. Also, you won’t get mystery meat.

In and Out: Relish-y, mayo-ey, nicely balanced, makes the burger.
Shake Shack: Can’t remember it very well. Forgettable?
Win: In and Out.
Tip: If you mix all the sauces a restaurant provides you (like getting all the sodas at the fountain), you might end up with In-and-Out’s sauce. Maybe.

Well, looks like a tie.

User: Frank
Origin: West Coast
Technical win: In and Out.

That’s settled…I guess I’m a bit biased.