The Friendly Toast

The Friendly Toast

Breakfast, in unnaturally humid weather. Guy’s Scramble.

On any regular day, I wouldn’t have a reason to go to Boston, but in this case, the Ancestral Health Symposium was hosted there this year. Last year’s was at UCLA, so all I had to do was wake up, and walk into my backyard (somewhat literally). Anywho, attending the symposium not only gave me an opportunity to nerd out on fitness and health stuff, but also, take a mini-vacation in exploring Boston and all of its good eats.

Breaking the fast.

I stayed at my friends place at MIT; unfortunately he was out traveling until my last day in Boston, so it was up to me to take up his suggestions to the test. He had compiled a list of must-eats in Boston. Unfortunately, the conference was a 3-day, 8-12 hour a day event, so technically I wasn’t able to fully explore until the evening, even though I was able to come and go as I pleased (however, the event was NOT cheap). Either way, I figured the best way to start off my travels in Boston would be to…have some breakfast.

Upon arriving at The Friendly Toast, I was first a bit off-put, as I initially thought they were closed. Figures, the door was just a bit rusty and stuck (or perhaps I was just weak), but I eventually was able to wring my way in and flag down a waitress. It was a bit dingy inside, so I re-requested to sit outside- a much better choice indeed. I ordered Guy’s scramble, which essentially was a Mexican-sounding sort of scramble. Eggs, black beans, cheddar, avocado, and salsa. Might have been huevos rancheros without the tortilla.

As I was eating the ingredients, I was trying to get it all in one bite (very unsuccessfully), but the scramble was kinda cool in this fashion, since removal of one or more ingredients reminded me of different things. Here’s some possible combinations, and the results I came up with.

1. Eggs, black beans, cheddar, salsa.

Deconstructed english breakfast.

2. Black beans, cheddar, avocado, and salsa.

4-layer dip.

3. Avocado, salsa.


4. Black beans, salsa, cheddar.

When you dissect a burrito…

5. Eggs, salsa.

Simple version of african eggs.

6. Black beans, avocado, salsa.

Southwestern salad.

7. Eggs, black beans, salsa.

Mexican-baked eggs.

8. Black beans, cheddar.


9. Egg, avocado.

Avocado…deviled eggs? Nice. Self high-five.

Below is a venn diagram of the five items. Pretty cool. Any suggestions on the blank spots?

Wonky, eh?